Adding value to people's lives...Everyday

At BrightHouse, we want each and every one of our colleagues to thrive. So we’re committed to finding, keeping and developing the right talent. We recognise that ‘the right talent’ comes in different guises, so we celebrate and actively encourage diversity in our workplace.  It’s important that every individual feels part of an inclusive environment in which they are heard, valued and respected. That’s why we won’t tolerate discrimination of any kind and embrace individual talent regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexuality or religion. It’s personality, attitude and values that matter to us and we provide regular training to uphold this ethos across our entire business. We build relationships based on empowerment and fairness and recognise that it’s our individual differences that make our company great.

Our vision is a bold and simple one: We strive to add value to people’s lives… every day.

And our stated mission is to provide customers with the means to access household goods and services to improve the quality of their lives.

But it’s our values that define the way we conduct ourselves, throughout the company. If you want to be part of the BrightHouse story, you absolutely need to share these values – and live them, energetically.

Our Vision
& Values
open, honest and transparent in all our activities
Results Oriented
clear accountability
with measures
and standards
with our colleagues, suppliers and all of our stakeholders
an atmosphere that
lets our colleagues
get on with their jobs
Customer Focus 
striving to see things through our customers’ eyes