Shane - Field Co-ordinator

Shane's Story

Shane was working for a supermarket delivery company when a former workmate told him about BrightHouse. He has waited a while for his current role, but there’s no stopping him now…

“My first role was as a Customer Service Assistant – basically a driver’s mate. Within 6 months, I was promoted to Customer Service Representative. (There are two men to each team on the vans, and now I was heading up a two man team.) We did service calls, agreed times to keep to, and kept up to date with the customer. I did that for two years.

Then I took different job – warehouse team leader – and did that for a year. You see a totally different aspect. When out in the field, I used to think the warehouse was being difficult, but this made me see it from their point of view, like how many items they have to pick up and load. It was quite a shock to find out how much work they do. It benefited me. After that I went back out to be a driver for another 12-18 months, and started covering for the Field Supervisor – multi-tasking.

Two years ago a job came up for Field Coordinator. I never applied for the position, but my Field Manager said I’d be getting the job! So I got a promotion. I’m glad, because I want to progress my career. I want to be a manager in five years time. I want to be the next Field Ops Manager in Wakefield.