Nick - Technical Team Leader

Nick's Story

When Nick moved to the UK from Latvia, he brought skills in mechanical engineering and sales. He joined BrightHouse via an agency - developing a career since then…

“After nine months packaging up TVs, I moved to dispatch for a year, then on to refurbishing TVs in house. BrightHouse gave me the chance to do the City & Guilds Certificate in Electrical Engineering. That allowed me to go full time as an engineer - able to do all repairs. The team expanded and I was asked to look after the afternoon shift. Then the Technical Team Leader role came up and I went for that. 

In these four years I’ve proved I can better myself. BrightHouse really invest in their workforce - compared to previous companies I have work for, where no one bothered, you feel really safe, it’s like a paradise from a Health & Safety point of view. Working here you feel valuable to the company. If you do extra, they recognise that – they give financial bonuses or gift cards and stuff for hitting targets. If someone is having a bad day with targets, we all help out on the bench. It’s real team work and the people are really, really friendly.