Spares Operations Manager

National Distribution Centre

A Day in the Life of ... a Spares Operations Manager, National Distribution Centre 
•    The BrightHouse business model says that when a customer signs up for a product, they can have it repaired if something goes wrong. That’s when it comes into the National Distribution Centre, to spare parts… requests are made by customers, by field engineers or store staff.
•    I’m responsible for 17 people – six are admin who order parts and manage the systemic workload, 11 are in the operations team and they collect the product, book it in, pick engineers and field engineers.

•    We work as one team.

•    My day to day work is to analyse the previous days’ work, how many spares were run, carried out etc or how many products were booked in during the day.

•    I look at the information to see where we need to allocate resource for the day.

•    It’s a fluid day - never the same twice - you have to deal with what’s in front of you.

•    We work to never having any more than a 24 hour backlog - there are daily targets for the spares picks.

•    The admin team have to process invoices on the day they’ve been received and do an orders run for spare parts.

•    I look at a six week span of orders to see if we have any low stock issues anywhere, and get some stock ordered.


Mark's Story

Mark joined BrightHouse in 2008 during a period of change. He didn’t have the smoothest of rides, but he stuck to his guns and we looked after him through thick and thin. He always knew the opportunity would come good…

“I joined initially tracing customers who were difficult to contact. I was keen to develop my career in BrightHouse and wanted the chance to prove my capability. I was identified as having potential, Claire our HR Manager, spent time with me and I went over to the National Distribution Centre (NDC) on secondment shortly after that. One of the departments I looked at was spares – I could see it wasn’t working properly, so I flagged it and the manager gave me the opportunity to make changes and improve team performance. Within three months, I got the permanent job. Since then I’ve been given responsibility for the spares administration team as well as operations. I’ve learned a lot about managing and leading teams and look forward to the next challenge.