Mark - Operations Director

Mark's Story

Mark had enjoyed a full and varied retail career, culminating in multi-site, multi-country, multi-channel responsibilities. He was headhunted for Supply Chain as he was coming out of a career break looking after his little girl. (He still doesn’t know who recommended him!) One of the things he likes about BrightHouse is that in many businesses, Supply Chain is pure logistics - split away from merchandising - whereas you can manage things better if you see them happen end to end…

In his earlier career, Mark was responsible for product merchandising and space management for franchises across the Adams Childrenswear chain. He joined BrightHouse as Head of Merchandising & Quality Assurance, but swiftly progressed to assume responsibility for all product procurement and category management. Mark was appointed as Director of Supply Chain in March 2013, when his role was expanded to incorporate logistics & engineering services. Mark was promoted to the Board in March 2016. His accountabilities embrace retail operations, logistics & engineering services, and customer services.

“I met Leo, looked at the business and the challenge, and joined as Head of Supply Chain. Buying was added to my remit four years in, then after another three years, I was promoted to Director. I knew very little about the business before I was approached. I did my background research, visited a store, talked to Leo - and decided it was different and challenging enough to have a go at.

After over eight years it feels like home, but the proposition, the people and the way it operates are still unique – those things that first struck me. Team sizes are a lot smaller here, which comes with its own pressure, but it’s a meritocracy - you do well, you’ll be put into a good role.

I’m really pleased with how I’ve progressed, and there’s still more for the business to do. If you want to challenge yourself and everything you know about retail, then BrightHouse is the place for you.