Spares and Admin Co-ordinator at the Distribution Centre

A Day in the Life of ... a Spares and Admin Co-ordinator at the Distribution Centre 

•    I look after white goods spares management and product repair tracking.

•    When an engineer orders a replacement part that’s not in stock, I’ll put the product in a holding area while we await delivery of the part.

•    I’ll trace the order on that part, then when it comes in it is prioritised, it will go to the engineers and the product is repaired and returned to the customer.

•    I work with our 3rd party repairs company and track repairs’ progress with them to esure they meet our service agreement and timescales.


Katie's Story

Katie started in 2010 as a washing machine cleaner - but when her manager heard she qualified for Horse of the Year Show every year, he believed she had untapped potential. Now she has a role that’s a real move up and has been doing that for around 12 months – riding commitments permitted… 

“I was working part time in a café and wanted more hours that they couldn’t give me, so I started looking for a full time job. I applied for a job at BrightHouse – I knew some people who worked here so went for it.

It was a bit chaotic when I first started, until Steve came in and sorted the workshop out. He made things make sense - it was a breath of fresh air. Steve saw something in me, I suppose. We all have a bond, like a little family. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve achieved, I’ve sort of grown up with the responsibility.

I feel a bit more confident about myself, I’ve more faith in myself. I look forward to coming into work – I love my job and the white goods team. Some people think ladders can’t be climbed, but they can. BrightHouse brings the best out in you!