Office Manager in a Service Centre

Office Manager in a Distribution Centre

Hannah's Story

Hannah is overwhelmed by what she’s achieved at the service centre. She loves what she does, and pushed and pushed to move to full time, which she accomplished three months after joining on two days a week. She’s her boss’ ‘little project’ and has a growth chart on her wall that shows each step she takes through training and up through management…

“I’m always surprised how close and supportive everyone is - the team feels like a big family, we work through things together, look out for each other, socialise and everything.

If you knew me before, you’d never have said I was management material... I was Employee of the Year two years ago. The opportunities are immense: you step into the role and the world is your oyster - you can go anywhere.

Training is available here… I never got that anywhere else I worked. I love my job, never regret the day I left working at a solicitor’s firm.