Danny - White Goods Engineer

Danny's Story

Danny joined aged 17. He’s moved up quickly over the past couple of years and earned himself a qualification on the job as well. He’s gone from being a lad earning money to pay for going out to one who’s on a successful career path…

“I dropped out of college because I’d had enough of being in the classroom all the time and wanted to get out there. I had a look on apprenticeships.org as I wanted to get more hands-on. There was an ad for a machine parts reclamation apprentice, so I applied, not knowing it was for BrightHouse. In the interview, the boss walked me around the workshop, explaining what everyone was doing. It seemed a really friendly atmosphere.

I started work the next day - sweeping the floors and shadowing people to learn what they were doing. I spent a year stripping down machines, then moved on to bigger jobs, helping others where I could and getting stuck in. My boss put me on an engineering training programme, a City & Guilds Certificate they do internally. I’ve been getting more machines out a day than the average, so I got my own bay.

My mates are a bit jealous. It’s got better and better here. Who knows what happens next?