Regional Manager

A Day in the Life of ... a Regional Manager (North Lancs) 

•   After dropping my little boy at the child minder, I’m off to my first store… 

•   I plan ahead in 3 week cycles, visiting stores that need support, checking everything’s running as it needs to, then going back after 2-3 weeks to see how progress is being made. I’ve got 8 stores in total - going up to 11.
•   I try to do 2 stores a day - one a Sales focus and one on the Debt side.
•   It’s essential to plan and prioritise, but the customer comes first, so if an issue arises, it has to be dealt with. Also if a staff issue comes up, I have to get on to that. I rely on the support of my Sales Bridgehead, Debt Bridgehead and People Bridgehead to help gather information while I’m out and about.
•   My phone’s on the go all the time - new Store Managers want a bit of extra support… deliveries cancelled… why were customers left waiting…?
•   There are ad hoc regional meetings. Tomorrow I’m up at 5.30am for my monthly Support and Challenge meeting with the Divisional Controller - review performance at a regional and store level, discuss actions made, status of improvements etc.
•   On Friday I’m doing a Bunker Day, where the Divisions come together with ideas - to boost sales, for example. Then one person is given the task of making it happen the next week. It’s great to get the team bonding. 



Vicky's Story

Vicky sings. She’s a member of a touring band called Abba Forever and will be entering the Voice this year. Back when she was a call centre manager at Salford Council, her band set off on a long tour and although her job was kept open for her, when she got back she felt like she needed a change. Through an agency she ended up with two job offers – one in an BrightHouse store, which meant losing her precious Saturdays, the other in a call centre again. Decision-time...

“ I’ve always been career minded. The call centre wasn’t something new, but I could see the prospects for moving up were great at BrightHouse. I started that Monday and have never looked back!

I’ve been here six years last month – it’s been a whirlwind to be honest. It changes all the time, keeps you fresh and on your toes - there’s always something to learn every day.

I remember the interview was quite whacky, but relaxed. We were laughing our heads off at the end of it! Compared to the straight lines and same stuff day-in, day-out, at the Council, there’s a spark at BrightHouse.

Since starting as a Customer Account Advisor I’ve changed my lifestyle a lot, even taking 12 months off to have my little boy, but all the people I work with are coming to my wedding on Saturday! You go home every day with a spring in your step. If you want a career, I’m the person to show you what can be done!