A Regional Manager

West Country

A Day in the Life of ... A Regional Manager, West Country 

•    I’m responsible for seven stores. I’m based in Paignton and work from the stores that go from Taunton and Bridgewater all the way down to Plymouth.

•    I have to ensure the stores meet their KPIs, their growth targets, their debt targets.
•    We look for customer growth, cost control and debt control – there’s a lot more to focus on underneath each of those areas.
•    I coach and develop the team of store managers, with support from HR.
•    I want us to be an ‘employer of choice’, so I’m trying to do my bit towards that.




Tim's Story

When Tim’s loans company started having to make redundancies, we saw the opportunity to rescue some talent. Tim visited a BrightHouse store to check out the proposition and liked the retail and collections element. His first - and lasting - impression was of the enthusiasm displayed in store, and his favourite bit of the  BrightHouse ethos is the over-arching vision: ‘we strive to add value to people’s lives… every day’. He got his first Regional Manager position six months ago…

“The stores all looked really nice and friendly. It was an eye opener, to be fair. I applied for a collections role at first, got a second interview and was offered the role within 24 hours. I was a bit undecided, as I’d been in a managerial role before, but I was then offered a Deputy Manager position in the Stourbridge store. I was really happy - I went in full of enthusiasm. (I still have that, by the way!) The journey has been fast-paced. I moved to Dudley within three months - a much bigger store - then to Birmingham. After 12 weeks there, I was promoted to Store Manager. I moved around various stores - problem stores, with staffing or debt issues - then got the chance to be a Bridgehead Manager, and got my secondment to be Regional Manager in the West Country. I got the role in February of this year, and I’ve relocated. I’ve also helped out on Head Office projects, rolling out the new IRIS system to Scotland. There has been a move every 3-6 months for me - people put faith and trust in me and you want to deliver for them. The people here are highly motivated. The biggest differences in BrightHouse compared to other places I’ve worked? The passion displayed by everyone, and the lack of hierarchy. On a personal level, I have much more confidence now than four years ago - my knowledge has grown and grown. This is such a fulfilling, dynamic and rewarding place to be!