Shona - Customer Accounts Advisor

Shona's Story

Shona completed her degree and started a building surveying career with a year’s secondment in London, immersed in a world of big £££ signs. When her contract ended 12 months ago, she got a call from a friend who worked in a BrightHouse store, telling her they were looking for a Customer Accounts Advisor. Shona took it on as a stop-gap, but quickly realised this was what she wanted to do and asked to move to full-time, which she did in January of this year...

I’ve never worked anywhere like this. The environment and the people are amazing. No one judges, everyone is accepting of everyone else – customer or employee – everyone has their own story. It’s like a big family. I feel like I learn every day from the people who come into this store, on a personal and business level.

We deal with people from all walks of life. I have more self-worth doing this job that the old one. Here, we’re dealing every day with real people, getting to know them and understanding real people’s needs. Knowing that you’ve helped to change someone’s life by making a difference where they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access the products and services we can offer… that’s a great thing to take home with you at the end of your working day.

We all believe in the same thing, we’re all here for the same reason. It’s really a team effort. In my old job it was pressure on your shoulders on a solo basis. Here we’re united in helping people – each other and our customers. The management listen to you as well – if you want to learn and progress, they will support you along the way.”