Shane - Regional Manager

Shane's Story

Shane joined the graduate scheme at a well-known car rental firm. After four years he’d become a manager at Heathrow, but it seemed like there weren’t many more options to progress. Then he was contacted by a recruiter, who told him about a successful company where there were big changes underway…

“I had an interview with a Regional Manager first and was then offered a taster day. That made my mind up. It was such a positive, family environment in the store, with the customers - the teams were very energetic, working in partnership.

With so much loyalty and long tenure in the business, it’s very impressive. I was used to working in a company where everyone has similar backgrounds, but here they come from all sorts – it’s diverse, refreshing and fun.

It’s great being able to put a smile on a customer’s face for their kid’s birthday - I know I can make a difference both in terms of results and customers, every hour of every day. The reward is instant. And there are so many opportunities ahead, each day is a step towards my personal aspirations. The company won’t rest on its laurels, the bar is always moving, we all keep striving to do better.

There aren’t many places where you meet the CEO and talk to him once, then the second time you see him he will remember the conversation you had and ask about family members…