Sam - Store Manager

Sam's Story

Sam is from the Midlands originally. While studying business management at Plymouth Uni, she applied for a part time sales job to help pay the bills. She looked into the company, saw some stores when she was back home in the Midlands, and realised it could be a great career. She was offered full time rather than part time, so she went for that. She performed the sales role successfully for a year and was promoted to Deputy Manager in the Plymouth store, looking after debt, then sales. A month ago she was offered a Store Manager role in Barnstaple, with a relocation package…

“It was a difficult step up but I’m getting there. I did the management development folder when I went up to Deputy from sales and I’m about to go on a talent assessment day, which ensures I have the knowledge to do my job to my full potential.

Things never stay the same at BrightHouse - the opportunities come up fast. I never thought I could be a Store Manger at the age of 26. I feel supported. I’m well rewarded. And I’m using my degree - and still learning every day.”