Director of Retail

Paul - Divisional Director

Paul's Story

Having worked in supermarket retailing for 16 years, Paul was ready for a change.  An unusual recruitment ad intrigued him - “Retail, but with freedom”…

“The year was 1996. The ad had been placed by a relatively new business. It had no stores in Scotland, but planned to open five in one day. I started as a Deputy Store Manager. We felt like pioneers! In 2002, the company was renamed BrightHouse. By 2005 I’d become Regional Manager for Scotland West, with 14 stores across that territory. Since then, life has been a rollercoaster! BrightHouse is a significant national business, with distinctive strategic goals. These include to become an “employer of choice” in which colleagues are proud and pleased to work, and to achieve sustained excellence in customer service.

To support the growth path, the Company has invested in IT systems, in new stores, in customer service centres, and in market research. But even more important has been our commitment to our people. We’ve stepped up our education and training in new skills. We also seek to build confidence and teamwork through our “friendly / demanding” culture. We encourage our internal leaders to inspire and motivate their teams, and this they are doing. 

Obviously, personally, I’m proud of the fact that my career track since 2005 has taken me to my current role as Divisional Director In today’s BrightHouse, I’m fortunate to work with colleagues at all levels and locations throughout this great business. Lots has been achieved, and there’s lots more still to do!”