Musa - Regional Manager

Musa's Story

Having been headhunted by a recruitment agency for the role of Store Manager, Musa attended an assessment centre where he met Regional Managers, Store Managers and members of the HR team. When he asked them what it was like to work for BrightHouse, he was struck by how passionate they were. What sold the company to him, he says, was firstly Tenure (almost everyone he met had been with BrightHouse for a long time), secondly Work/Life Balance (Sundays off!), and thirdly Expansion Plans (and they were true to their word).
“Four and a half years later, I found myself managing the biggest, highest profile store in London. This comes with extra responsibility, especially with the CEO visiting on a regular basis. I have to present our proposition to the visitors Leo brings with him. So, no pressure… However, I love it – and it gives me great pleasure to promote BrightHouse to potential investors.

My store must be of the highest standard. Everything has to pretty much work like clockwork. My team and I ensure our customers come first. I have a very diverse team that mixes youth and energy with experience and fun. I’m a great believer in developing people: there’s been no shortage of staff being promoted from within. For me, I’m only as good as my team. Very recently I’ve been promoted to Regional Manager - another milestone I’ve achieved at BrightHouse. The key is to believe in the people and the values and to live it.”