Store Manager

A Day in the Life of ... a Store Manager (Barking) 

•    I’m getting a holistic view of the store - keeping staff happy and motivated, setting daily goals for sales/debt, making sure the processes are being adhered to, and that paperwork is up to date 100% of the time.

•    The Deputy Manager deals with the Sales Advisors, getting set up from the start. Between the Deputy and myself, as a new store management team, we’ve been challenged to make a success of the store - at which point I’ll be signed off in role, and he’ll be allowed to stay with me.

•    My jobs are to open the store and make sure everything’s set up for day. I speak to the CAA about her day of customer visits, and I try to visit with her as much as possible.

•    I check the email coming through, the store POS, and that the standards in the store are up to scratch - and I’m checking in during the day to see how progress on targets is going.

•    Including me, it’s a team of six, and together we look after the hygiene and cleanliness of the store. The shop floor is spotless.

•    Training in store comes from mainly from me at the moment - my Deputy is new to Barking and will be helping me with that in a few weeks.

•    Monday mornings are always team briefings. We review the previous week’s results, prepare for the week ahead. I do 1 to 1 reviews as well.

•    At the end of each day, I do the banking and lock up the store, ready for the morning.


Mollie's Story

Mollie was 16 when our Dagenham store first opened. She kept going in to ask for work and finally got a Saturday job doing pre-calls for the Customer Account Advisors. She carried on with that through college, began a course at Uni, decided it wasn’t for her – and secured a part time Customer Sales Advisor role. Eventually learning about the debt side, she then moved to Barking as Deputy Manager Designate, and at 22 she’s now a very proud Store Manager…

“After my 12 weeks’ training I was signed off as an official DM. Abdul, the Store Manager, was supporting me to progress further, but I wanted to be ready. He trained and supported me all along, then he was moved to Wood Green and I had to sink or swim. I’ve been swimming ever since!

I’ve seen vast improvements at BrightHouse over the past six years. What gets me out of bed is still the people I work with, but I’m also keen to find out what’s new. It’s exciting to be part of a company that’s on an incredible journey. I could never leave. I’m part of the furniture now! We’re all very loyal people - you have to be. You have to be able to build relationships – and they’re great relationships.”