Store Manager

A Day in the Life of ... a Store Manager (Mexborough) 

•   My role entails day to day running of the store.

•   I’m responsible for the staff and have a target to grow it to £100k base as quickly and safely as possible, adhering to company processes.
•   I’m also in charge of: resolving customer issues, approving new agreements, forecasting daily and weekly figures, setting sales and arrears goals and targets, coaching and supporting the staff, managing customer deliveries and collections.
•   I’m in a probation period and have three months to prove myself as store manager - that I’m living the values and that my team are as well.
•   I’m thoroughly enjoying it, loving having my own store - the helm of a ship - learning more.



Matt's Story

Matt was a self-employed golf professional from the age of 18, but after 13 years he had tired of having no career path. His wife, a BrightHouse Deputy Manager, recommended him and he started three years ago, working part time in sales at our Worksop store to fit in his golf commitments. Before long he moved to full time...

“I interviewed over the phone with a Regional Manager and had a job preview in store for a few hours - did the tests, passed the formalities, got the job and started the next day.

I’ve moved from Customer Sales Advisor to Customer Account Advisor to Deputy Manager - and now Holding Store Manager. I’m still impressed by BrightHouse. They really invest time and continued learning in people, always look to improve.

I was impressed by the Record of Achievement concept– and the fact that when they see good people, they recommend them. The people are friendly, adaptable, intelligent, driven and very good at communication. I feel valued, appreciated - and like I can take this to whatever level I want to.

It’s rewarding, knowing you’ve given a customer the excellent service they deserve, and the products they want. Anyone who wants to work hard, be part of a team, have clear job progression and feel valued, then this is the place to start your career. I have the long term stability I was looking for.