Divisional Skills Trainer

Divisional Skills Trainer - Sales Division

Lucy's Story

Lucy applied for a Customer Account Advisor job in Dudley after coming back from working in Ibiza. It was meant to be a stop-gap to pay for the next trip… That was more than ten years ago! After two years she went on the programme to become a Deputy Manager, did that for two and a half years, and was a Store Manager for over five. Wanting a fresh challenge, she asked if she could study for her CIPD to get into HR, which she did in the evening at a local college. Then a Trainer role came up. She got it – and has finally booked another trip to Ibiza…

“I’ve been in the shoes of the people I’m training, so I know their challenges. I find it really rewarding – seeing someone progress and get where they want to be. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, this business is extremely rewarding, not just in the money sense, but in the people sense. If you devote time and effort, you will form great relationships with customers and staff alike. We’re all honest, genuine people who’ll do anything to help you. I hear a lot how the staff give customers things out of their own homes, if they see they really have nothing and are struggling. It’s incredible.”