Key Time Sales Assistant

A Day in the Life of ... a Key Time Sales Assistant (York) 

•    I work 24 hours across the week, supporting on the shop floor with sales, doing telesales, handling web applications, phoning customers, marketing our new promotions to customers, going right through a sale from product details to credit checking, delivery booking as well, accepting phone payments and talking to customers who pop in.

•    I help make sure the shop floor looks nice, but it’s the sales I enjoy most, along with the customers – they are the business and they have to be happy if you would like them to come back and use your services again.

•    A key time worker has to be flexible on the hours they do - you work on a weekly rota, covering lunchtimes a lot.


Liddy's Story

Liddy is originally from Poland. She has a degree in Biotechnology and has worked in lots of different roles, from waitressing to self employment. Personal reasons saw her leave her comfortable life in Hull and move to York with her son. Although she managed to get a council house she had nothing in it. She soon found herself working at BrightHouse…

“When I got the job I realised how it would have helped me if I’d known about BrightHouse when I had nothing after moving to York. I found the role through the job centre, interviewed at Selby – the York store hadn’t opened yet - got the job and did training for two weeks in Selby and two weeks in Leeds. There was a lot to cover: computers, health & safety, sales process, pricing, the way of working, watching how people do things… Then the new store in York opened and it was in at the deep end. It became like a dream job come true!

BrightHouse is completely different from any other store. We care what happens when people make payments, we care about the product, the quality of service... We offer rent to own - but also, people like to try a new technology that they can return if it doesn’t work for them. And if someone’s life situation changes, they don’t have to live beyond their means or go into debt. If you can’t afford to keep the products, we find something cheaper, or put it on hold, or you give it back - no problems. I always feel I can help people. Like me - starting again, or setting up home for the first time, you can bring a smile and some cheer to someone. And they always have someone to turn to, if they need help. This is a very positive place to work.”