Jess - Sales Assistant

Jess' Story

When a clothes shop that Jess worked in closed down she spotted a vacancy in a BrightHouse window, put forward her CV and started as a Christmas temp. After that, she was offered a part time role, then full time on the debt side. She’s been a Customer Sales Advisor since 2011 and feels she’s changed a lot. As well as learning to speak to people properly, she’s earned enough bonus for cosmetic surgery! She loves what BrightHouse does, loves the opportunities it offers, loves her customers…

“One of my elderly regulars came in the other day, but his wife wasn’t with him. Sadly she’d passed away. Bless him, he gave me one of her handbags as he thought she’d want me to have it. He’s also just paid off his TV and decided to splash out on a new 60 inch. Apparently he’s not tried the 3D out yet! The customers become your friends. We all live in the area so there’s a real bond between us.

You’re always busy, every day is different, you see your customers every week and you can go home feeling like you’ve done a good job. All the teachers on my final school report said I was so quiet – but I’ve got more self confidence since working here. You get rewarded for hitting targets, making customers feel good. And you get career reward - the possibility of always moving up. I’m hoping to be on the Deputy Manager course. I love doing things like the VIP night we ran for long-term customers. We stayed open late, and put on a spread with crisps, pop and chocolates. That was great!”