James - Deputy Manager

James' Story

James has been with us since 2013. His first experience of retail was aged 16, while studying to be a heating engineer, when he took a Sunday shift at a variety store chain. Bitten by the bug, he worked his way up to manager but began to lose interest. He tried a different venture where he was on his own a lot of the time but missed the teamwork. After a spell travelling, with funds running low, he decided he could give retail one last go, if he picked the next move carefully…

“I’d already had another offer when I went to the interview, but in 45 minutes I was won over - no one was going to dissuade me from getting a job at BrightHouse! In my role as Deputy at Wolverhampton, I work with Chris. He’s the best ambassador for the company – such a good guy, embodies everything a Store Manager should be. This business is so much better than any role I’ve had before. It’s so customer based, it’s about building relationships, and it’s like coming to work with your friends. I’m a lot happier and more confident in myself than before.

Working at BrightHouse feels like you are doing something worthwhile - helping someone if their cooker breaks down does feel good. Every day is varied, the company looks after you and rewards you, and the people are honest, helpful, energetic, enthusiastic and full of integrity.”