Trainee Store Manager

Fiona's Story

Fiona has only been at BrightHouse for 4 weeks.

“It’s been fun… informative… everyone has played a part, not just the Store Manager. Everyone has been keen to show me how to do things. They pull me over and say ‘come and watch me do this, you’ve not done this yet’. I feel confident that I will have the tools and knowledge to take with me to my own store - plus all the offers of support I’ve had already from the Regional Manager and the store staff. At other places I’ve worked, the training side is all talk, no action. The only thing I would change is adding in some product knowledge to the sales module, for those products in the catalogue.”

•   She’s training as a Store Manager designate, having been in retail / customer service for 20 years with companies including pubs and restaurants (11 years), a multi site bowling alley and a well known coffee chain (eight and a half years as a Store Manager with some head office training responsibilities as well).

•   She was attracted to the role at BrightHouse because of the obvious investment in training at grass roots level, and the fact that her conversations with Regional Managers during the recruitment process demonstrated the culture of internal progression and development – they’d all been promoted from Store Manager, which was very different from other companies and job offers she’d experienced. 

•   Her training so far has been roughly 80% hands on in the store environment and 20% desk work, learning about the systems side of things, with modules done on a computer - closing sales and doing things the BrightHouse way.

She feels that learning in store is the most powerful way to learn for her - and the team she’s with are passionate about supporting and helping with her training. She says they’ve been really welcoming. Some people have been in the business for 13 years, so have lots of experience to draw on to help. Everyone takes the training very seriously. Everyone gets the fact that if you’re not trained properly, you can’t set someone up for success. It has to be serious because you’re handling people’s finances.

•   There’s not much more she needs to know about how to talk to customers, as she has been doing it for years already, but she’s learning about the product / technical specifications on the shop floor.

•   She likes the fact that the induction process includes a well structured induction pack that tracks what you should be learning and completing week by week.

•   Fiona has just completed the sales module and is moving on to learning about debt and collections next, which will be new for her. It was good to have been through the sales process with all the detail  and its regulations and processes.

•   She’s looking forward to the visits and induction for other parts of the business – head office, one of the distribution centres... She says this is very different from how it’s done in other companies, but she values the relevance of having a much clearer understanding of the operational side of things that fit alongside what you do in store.