Customer Accounts Adviser

A Day in the Life of ... a Customer Accounts Adviser 

•   I start at 8am. It depends what day it is – Mondays, I’m straight into store.

•   I check my debt plan for the week, then look at my routes and get going.
•   I’m knocking on my first door at 8.30am. I aim to do 30 door knocks on a Monday.
•   The main objective is to make contact with the customer – we can have a conversation about their account, find a resolution that suits their needs.
•   I check in regularly with my manager or deputy manager at the store to see if anyone on my list has been in touch while I’ve been out and about.
•   I’m back to the store at the end of the day. Then I have to update the system with what I managed to achieve.
•   Meetings-wise, I talk to my manager every Monday. We review the debt plan together, and see what results I need to achieve by the end of the week. This meeting includes looking at my Record of Achievement – targets are set weekly.



Dee's Story

While studying for a degree in primary school teaching, Dee also worked as a carer. She qualified, but decided she didn’t want a career in teaching. Instead, she took a year out, had her little boy and then started looking for a job. Her mum worked at a BrightHouse store and put her forward for an opening. Dee has been here for 18 months now and moved across from Sales Advisor to Customer Accounts Advisor nearly a year ago...

I’m hooked now. I love working here. It’s not like getting up to go to work, it’s like going in to spend time with family. To be honest, working at BrightHouse has turned me into a different person. I didn't realise how passionate I could be, and how target driven I was. I’ve realised a lot about myself.

Working here has given me lots of confidence, both at work and in my personal life as well - I never used to be a confident person. It’s such a supportive place to work. The people here are hard working, committed and want to get somewhere in life.

If you’re thinking of working here, I’d just say that if somebody wants to start at the bottom of the ladder - and get high up in the same company - there’s no other company like BrightHouse to do that. You will feel part of a family and be supported every step of the way. If you want to work somewhere where you’ll be valued and recognised for doing a good job, then this company is the perfect opportunity.