Debbie - Store Manager

Debbie's Story

Debbie had been with her car trading company for 22 years when she was made redundant and she was convinced she’d never find another job she’d enjoy as much. Certainly she was finished with call centres and wanted something new and challenging. Through word-of-mouth - and a manager at Crossgates - she found out about BrightHouse and got a Customer Account Advisor job. The first couple of weeks were difficult. Debbie wasn’t sure. But then she got hooked...

After 6 months a role came up as Deputy Manager. I’d done the training and got the job, assisting the Store Manager with sales and the shop floor. I did that for a year and then my manager moved on, so I became Holding Manager for a few months. Then I was offered the position at Castleford as Store Manager. The store has doubled in size since I’ve been here. All I did was to wake it up! I really enjoy it, it’s addictive and I’ve built up a fantastic team of 10. I want them all to develop, and if they have a chance to progress, I support them through that. I’ve been at Castleford for 3 years and every day is different - it throws up different things, different customers. Sometimes the customers just pop in for a chat. We all get a buzz off each other in the store. No one hides anything from you. So anyone looking at working here – come in and see what we’re about. Job profiles are one thing, but spend an hour or two with us to get a feel. Then you’ll know.