A Customer Account Adviser

A Day in the Life of ... a Customer Account Adviser (Bransholme) 

•   Meeting customers to support them when they’re experiencing payment difficulties - my main aim is to get payments in (arrears affect their credit rating and our performance, so it’s in both our interests).

•   A typical Monday is 8am-8pm. I come in, set the debt figures, fill out my Record of Achievement, do this week’s goals, print out a list of customers who are late on payment, make sure I have the correct information on the system and organise my route cards – the customers I intend to visit – for the day. Then I start my run in the van. I’m in regular contact with the store, checking-in in case someone has made a payment. I’m back for lunch, and out again until 8.
•   On a Monday I average 30-40 calls, all close to each other. My aim is to actually make contact with a customer. If they've gone late, we’re asking if there’s anything we can do to help them get back on track.
•   When I get back to store, I log all my calls, with relevant details. Then I update customer commitments made.
•   I do runs every day, but not all day every day – there are only 3 staff in this week, so I’ll have shop duties as well… sales calls, cover in store when needed. 



Chris' Story

It’s now 10 years since Chris joined us. He had completed a college course in carpentry and joinery, but couldn’t find work in that area. Instead he found BrightHouse, via an agency supporting modern apprenticeships. Chris wanted to get his NVQ in customer service. He did a three month placement via the agency, and was then offered a full time position as a Customer Sales Advisor – a role he performed happily for his first 5 years in the business…

“Things have changed in the time I’ve been here, we’ve become a better known brand – but it’s still a great place to work. My aspirations changed over time as well. I wanted to step up. I’ve moved to Customer Account Advisor and I want to look at Deputy Manager. The business gives you the opportunity to do these things. I’ve matured since I started as a 19 year old. I’m sure part of that has been because I’ve dealt with customers on a daily basis, and had to hit targets and goals. People at BrightHouse have a great attitude, great customer focus, deal with issues head on and put their experience into everything they do.