Regional Manager

A Day in the Life of ... Regional Manager (Essex) 

•   I visit at least 5 stores a week, doing 1-1 coaching with colleagues, reviewing performance, trying to identify opportunities, giving direction

•   I cover 700-800 miles per week, travelling to different stores
•   I have weekly 1-1s with my Divisional Controller – performance related conversations
•   We have monthly management meetings, very much focused on what’s new - new products, key focus areas for the month
•   I also get involved in ad hoc projects – at the moment an e-Commerce project, working with Head Office
•   I’m also involved in the selection centres for the Store and Deputy Manager Designate programmes
•   I’m always on the lookout for good people to join the team and interview for that as well
•   A big part of my job is succession planning - not only bringing in new talent, but developing the people that we have

•   There’s a lot of conference calling as we have so much going on in the field and we have to talk to each other! Communication is really important here…



Alan's Story

Alan, a heating engineer in Teeside, was looking for a change of career with more job security. His father-in-law introduced him to BrightHouse. It was a step backwards at the time, but sometimes that’s the way to move forwards...

“I had my first interview with the Store Manager in Sunderland, then my second at Darlington, which resulted in a Customer Account Advisor job. I started 4 years and 7 months ago, managing customer accounts and debts - in the field, on the phones and in the store. After a year, my Regional Manager put me forward for the ‘people with potential’ course. I was promoted to Redcar and did six months as Deputy, then went on the Store Manager Designate programme. You had to do training in coaching people, opening and closing stores first and last thing at night - and the final step was a PowerPoint presentation to a panel. I got my first store a year later, in Darlington.

After six months I was Bridgehead Manager for the region, supporting the Regional Manager in a specific area – mine was debt. I took a secondment to be Store Manager in Stevenage – our concept store of the future. I did six months there and was offered Regional Manager for Essex, so I relocated my family. I’ve taken to this and love it. I love the values, the succession - my work has become so important to me. I love the results culture, the development culture and the speed of change. It’s crazy sometimes, but you’re valued and never just a number. Everyone has high integrity here.