Welcome to the family

BrightHouse is no ordinary retailer and our colleagues are no ordinary retail team. Our success has been built on long-term personal relationships with our customers. Our retail team focus on developing these relationships and establishing new ones – very often by word-of-mouth. 

We’re not just focused on the transaction like other retailers. Instead we’re providing a friendly, flexible, ongoing and evolving service where we share in the ups and downs of people’s lives. With a focus on improving this service, we continue to invest in the customer experience, making payments easier and freeing up our in-store teams to spend more time being attentive.

It is important to us that our colleagues spend time with their families too. We've made the big decision to trade Monday to Saturday so everyone gets Sundays off.

The people who do best here come from many different backgrounds, but what they have in common is a good match with our values and a desire to do a good job in a supportive team, to have fun, work hard and be rewarded for it. They love the fast pace and the constant change, and the sense of being part of a family.