Customer focussed

Our customers take pride in their homes as places to entertain family and friends, rather than spending money on going out. By treating them fairly and responsibly, we can build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

BrightHouse customers are almost like extended family, they are the people we all work for. We’re not just focused on the transaction like other retailers. Instead we’re providing a friendly, flexible, ongoing and evolving service where we share in the ups and downs of people’s lives.

We continue to invest in the customer experience, making payments easier and freeing up our in-store teams to spend more time being attentive. This straightforward approach pays off. With consumers feeling the pressures of rising living costs, stagnating wages and benefits changes, the alternative credit market plays an essential role in the day-to-day lives of some five million households. 

We listen carefully to all our customers and never stop looking for new ways to tailor our solutions to provide peace of mind.

 What our customers look for