Zahida - Customer Services Manager

Zahida's Story

After losing her customer service job, Zahida signed up with loads of agencies, had some interviews... one came through: BrightHouse Customer Service Representative. She came for a job preview to see how the department worked, and accepted. Six years later she was Highly Commended in the UK Retail Rising Star Awards for customer services…

“I went into a store and could feel a buzz. I thought this looks like a really good place to work. One thing really stood out - the relationship between customer and store staff was something I’ve never seen anywhere else. ‘How are the kids, how was the wedding…’

The environment in Head Office was the same - supportive, not hierarchical. I’d never even met a CEO in any other role. I’ve felt appreciated since I got here. The buzz is still here. Everyone lives and breathes the values, takes ownership of things and will always go above and beyond.”