Vishal - Second Line Engineer

Vishal's Story

Vishal completed his degree in Computing and Software Systems, working part time with an airline at Heathrow while at university. Once out on the job market, he spotted an online ad for BrightHouse – he had a two-stage interview with the Service Desk Manager and was offered the role of Service Desk Analyst…

“My role for the first three years was on the Service Desk, in a team of five. During this time I provided support to all aspects of the business, from stores to Directors. I was given training and gained an in-depth knowledge of all the systems used by the company. Then I was promoted to a Desktop Support Analyst role - now supporting the Service Desk with more complex issues. I’m also working towards my CCNA.

I’ve had lots of support throughout my time at BrightHouse, with training courses and the support of my colleagues. Everyone is professional - with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. At BrightHouse there are lots of opportunities and the company has a great desire to continue to succeed.”