Head of Compliance

A Day in the Life of ... the Head of Compliance 

•    There have been significant changes in the regulatory environment over the past few years. We’re now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, whereas before consumer credit was only supervised by the OFT.

•    BrightHouse has been on quite a journey to ensure that what we do complies in the new environment.

•    We ensure that BrightHouse is compliant from a policy and process perspective, to reflect the latest thinking. 

•    We’re responsible for ensuring that any marketing material, training scripts, contracts etc are compliant.

•    I start my day reviewing the FCA website to see if there are any changes on the horizon - I deal with the regulators, you get to understand them as well.

•    We participate in any number of projects, sitting in to give advice and guidance to the project team  - for example with new products, business terms, any changes in process – we have to ensure the output and deliverables are compliant.

•    We keep the business abreast of developments with our monthly newsletter.

•    We deal with ad hoc requests on a daily basis. There are always queries and questions to answer - it can be very diverse. One day we might be writing a new policy, the next there’s a massive project that derails your plans – you have to be responsive and reactive.

•    The new regulatory environment is new to us as well, so we’re all learning – it’s interesting work.


Head of Compliance

Tracy's Story

Tracy came to BrightHouse as a tax advisor on a six week secondment from one of the Big Four firms, five years ago. She has never left! We offered her a job in the Finance/Tax department and she stayed there for about three years. Having provided temporary support to the Company Secretariat department, she found herself getting drawn in and jumped ship. She moved across to the Compliance team full time, and was recently supported to get a Compliance Diploma. She likes the way that your knowledge and contributions are valued here…

“From the word go it was very friendly. I was very impressed with the tenure of some of the people in the team – 25 years, some of them had been here.

You don’t feel like you’re just a number here. The business is ever evolving - there’s no resting on its laurels. I enjoy my work and love that I have had the opportunity to do something new in my career.

This is a great place to work if you don’t want the same thing every day. It’s the challenge of not knowing what the day will throw at you - but also somewhere you can feel settled and part of a team.”