P.A. to the Director of Credit and Risk Director

Siobhan - Personal Assistant

Siobhan's Story

After studying graphic design, Siobhan went into marketing and experienced the glamour of Formula 1, organising travel and hospitality. She prefers BrightHouse. Even though she had no formal experience, she was given the opportunity to use her skills in a PA role. She also loves the people she works with, the friendly environment, the emphasis on family values and the support, opportunity and variety available in her work…

“I’ve been here for 18 months as PA to Dave Poole and two other members of the team. The process of coming into the business was much quicker than with other companies - a bit different as well, as I was interviewed by another PA. She gave me a great insight into what to expect, and it was good to know she thought I’d fit in.

First impressions? How relaxed it seemed - not too heavy on the corporate feel. Everyone was busy but calm. It didn’t feel intimidating. Even as a new person you feel welcomed. Within a month or two, it felt like I’d been here a year. The ethics and the values… some companies don’t really bother, but BrightHouse really live the values - where we’re heading, the 5 year plan, it’s instilled in people, it doesn’t trail off in relevance like at other companies.

I’m in a great team, I look after my boss and he looks after me. I feel valued and I know I do make a difference in my role. My latest challenge is to step in and help the compliance team – doing some of their spreadsheets and matrices. It keeps my role varied. But it’s the people that make the company.”