Miriam - Finance Manager

Miriam's Story

Miriam came to BrightHouse five and a half years ago, having worked in finance for a local construction company where there was lots to do and you had to just get on with it (a great preparation!). She got a temp job covering someone’s holiday in accounts payable. Three weeks have turned into over five years…

“I didn’t know anything about BrightHouse when I came. I started as an accounts payable clerk in property, then moved up to being a manager. Then two years as a commercial analyst on stock: rental assets, the system to track the rental assets in stores, internal forecasting, stock P&L across all stores and the National Distribution Centre.

Then I moved to property finance manager for 18 months, alongside two others in the team. I’m still doing that role but have taken on credit and risk finance after someone left in June.

The company has grown and changed in the time since I arrived, when we first moved into the Head Office building. The work’s demanding but the people remain great fun - the atmosphere’s friendly and there are always opportunities to progress and evolve.”