Minesh - Strategic Planning Analyst

Minesh's Story

Minesh graduated in Accounting for Management at Aston University. As part of his degree, he’d done a work placement with a blue-chip corporate and hadn’t enjoyed it as it made him feel invisible – that style of environment was definitely not for him. So after graduating and joining a few agencies, he heard about a role in BrightHouse. He did his research, found it was a well established organisation, and jumped at the chance of an interview. He liked the concept of providing a valuable service to customers who can’t afford one-off purchases elsewhere - and the role sounded interesting. So did the open discussion about the business model at the first interview. After a successful second interview, he was offered the job and has enjoyed two years at BrightHouse so far…

“I wanted to be in a smaller company where your output would be noticeable. The team here is amazing, great to work with and really friendly. I don’t think you’d get the same feel and environment elsewhere. My role requires me to interact with other departments, furthering my knowledge of the business and providing lots of opportunity to better myself. I was so proud when I won Support Colleague of the year for all the help I provide to the retail stores and people within the organisation. BrightHouse really does add value to people’s lives every day.”