HR Business Partner

A Day in the Life of an ... HR Business Partner - Corporate Centre 

•    I spend most of my day engaging with a range of colleagues so I can support the Head Office department leads on people aspects.

•    I have regular one to one meetings with our business leaders to discuss anything from succession planning, team development, performance management, organisation change or delivery of strategic plans.

•    Departments I work with are really varied - IT, Finance, Marketing, Customer Relations, Compliance, Change Management.

•    I may attend a management team meeting so I can really understand the operational and strategic challenges and opportunities for that function.

•    On some occasions, I take part in a departmental training day where I facilitate discussion on a topic related to people development.

•    I may also spend time meeting new joiners and get involved in the selection process for certain roles.

•    I can’t do any of this without a great team of HR colleagues who have specialist skills in resourcing, employee relations, learning and development and administration, who I work alongside to deliver a joined up business focused HR service.

•    Usually at the start and end of each day, I catch up with some thinking time when I plan, reflect, review documents and get on with any ‘paperwork’ - which could range from progress reporting to producing specific documents or presentations.


Laxmi's Story

Laxmi spent 10 years as a management consultant, then eight in change management with local government. She loves what she does here because the work is so varied and challenging and there are plenty of development opportunities. She’s had a number of roles and has recently been promoted to HR Business Partner supporting the corporate function in Head Office…

“How I joined BrightHouse was pure coincidence. I got an email from an ex-colleague about a role in Watford, where I live. I was looking for flexibility, as I had a young family. Joining as a Business Analyst in the Change Management Team, I worked four days a week and was able to leave early to pick up my children. I worked with Supply Chain and then led a payroll project working with HR.

I was promoted to Business Analysis Manager in 2013. Then, I was offered the role as HR Business Partner to the corporate team, focusing on matters relating to people strategy and talent management. This is a place where anything could happen with your career. There’s room for ambition - you can get things done that make a difference, which is really satisfying. If you put in the effort and deliver, you’re valued. There are a lot of intelligent, capable and driven people I’ve learned from. I really believe I’m in the right place.”