Payroll and Finance Manager

A Day in the Life of ... a Payroll and Finance Manager 

•    The Cash Control department looks after the company’s cash (this is very important!) and we have over 20 bank accounts to reconcile. There are two high volume bank accounts for the stores’ daily takings - these need to be reconciled daily. There’s a lot of interaction with the stores to ensure any differences can be accounted for and corrected.

•    Accounts Payable is responsible for maintaining good relations with over two thousand suppliers. We also process colleagues’ expense claims. All payments need to go through a rigorous checking and validation process.

•    The Payroll team is the most popular team at BrightHouse! We pay over three thousand colleagues each month. In addition, we’re responsible for pensions and are the first point of contact for government agencies.

•    Change has always been an aspect of working here. This means I get to work on projects that help BrightHouse to succeed, with colleagues from all areas of the business. I’m responsible for managing the impact of change into my department - it’s down to me to ensure that new ideas can be introduced and implemented.


Karen's Story

With a solid background in the Retail sector, Karen was actively looking for a new challenge. When the agency told her about a new opportunity at BrightHouse, she decided to go to an interview to find out more about the role and the company. Her area is quite specialised - the kind of role you only get in big retailers with high volume transaction processing. Her first impressions were that it was an area that was struggling a bit with systems and people - but it was a job where she could make an impact and make improvements quite quickly…

“Everyone seemed upbeat – but you also have to like change, there’s a lot of that. Work has to be turned around fast to support the changes and challenges in the business. You need a can-do attitude, good problem solving skills and the ability to work to deadlines as a team.

I look after a team of 17 across Cash Control, Accounts Payable and Payroll. We have a high volume of transactions to process and lots of suppliers and colleagues depending on us to get payments through. Working at the pace we do, you have to trust the people you work with - and if possible be prepared to talk face to face rather than over email or the phone.

Ownership of business problems is very important to ensure issues are not left hanging… It’s hard work but enjoyable and rewarding. This is a great place to be if you want career progression - BrightHouse likes to promote within the business. The opportunities are there if you work hard and show initiative.”