Retail Operations Manager

A Day in the Life of ... the Retail Operations Manager 

•    I’m in charge of retail operations, reporting directly to the Director of Retail.

•    My job is to manage the communication and workload across the stores and co-ordinate these with other departments. This is to ensure that activities occur in the most efficient way and are communicated to the right people, at the right level, at the right time.

•    I liaise with other departments – marketing, commercial, HR and finance – to co-ordinate store management and management meetings across the estate, run incentive programmes, store rewards etc.

•    I own and write all store processes e.g. how to close a sale, or making sure a system change is fit for purpose - so we user test everything. We run a ‘break in’ session with 5-6 managers if a change is proposed on our EPOS system.

•    There’s no such thing as a normal week, but we always have the Trading meeting on Tuesdays at 8am, retail projects meetings after that. New projects kick off after the trading meetings to address any issues that arise.

•    I then send updates and communications to stores twice a week to let them know what’s coming along.

•    We’ll get out and about when we can – we always go to new store openings to make sure we look at how it worked and how we can improve each time.

•    The team is a tight ship – there’s me, two operations process managers and an admin person. Each person brings a wealth of experience they bring.


Huw's Story

Huw joined BrightHouse after 26 wide-ranging years on the High Street. Five years ago, not knowing much about the company except that it was rent to own and expanding, he went for a Regional Manager position, thinking it would be a stop gap. He met the right people, including Leo our CEO, and was in role in the space of a fortnight. Huw sees the business as a blood transfusion – you need to be the right type or it’s a fail! The values are the DNA of the company…

“One of the things we’re good at is turning on a sixpence. We don’t mess around. In the interview process, I got a really good picture of the values, mission, dynamism and opportunities - customer focus but with delivery of results.

For me the business has the conviction of its vision and how to get there, more so than a lot of others. We are what we say on the tin – friendly-demanding, clear about what people need to deliver. Perception doesn’t rule how you progress through the company – competence and results matter more.

It’s a ‘Marmite’ company – love it or hate it. I love working here. It’s fast paced and compact as it’s a venture capital-backed business. Never a dull moment!”