Property Development Manager

A Day in the Life of ... a Property Development Manager 

I’m responsible for:

•    new acquisitions – you make an offer on a vacant unit, negotiate for 4-8 weeks, agree a price, another 4-6 weeks of legal paperwork and then exchange. We need 3-4 weeks to fit out a new store, 2-3 days to move staff and merchandise in, a soft opening and then grand opening about five weeks later;

•    all sites;

•    investment appraisals and board presentations with recommendations for investment decisions;

•    getting stores ready for trading, opened and up and running as efficiently as possible before handing them over to the Retail division.


Dave's Story

It’s been 17 years since Dave joined the business as a cashier in Northfield, Birmingham. At first, it was just a job to pay for his social life - but it quickly became a lot more than that when he saw how good the people and the environment and opportunities to progress really were. Dave worked his way up the store management ladder and across into store openings, then property management. The rest is the stuff of BrightHouse legend…

“If you’d told me, aged 17 with a few GCSEs and having dropped out of college, that I’d have moved up from being a trainee cashier to becoming the go-to member of the property management team within a growing nationwide business - and be on the verge of becoming an Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors - I’d have laughed you out of my brand new Ford Fiesta!

BrightHouse is a company you join where it’s more than a job - it’s a career. If you’re willing to put the time in, they will reward you and support you to achieve even more. The people who work at BrightHouse are fun, brilliant and sometimes a bit bonkers (in a nice way!) - it doesn't feel like work, it’s an enjoyable environment where the people make the mundane tasks easy.”