HR Business Partner supporting the Head Office Retail

A Day in the Life of ... an HR Business Partner supporting the Head Office Retail  

•    Responsible for three main areas: nurturing talent, recruitment, and training within the Central Retail division.

•    My role is in HR. I work alongside seven regional managers in the Central Region.

•    I report into a Divisional Controller.

•    My main priority is to nurture the talent in the business for each regional manager.

•    I work with a training manager - I help store managers develop themselves and their skills.

•    I look at the talent inside the business, and make a recommendation for someone to go on a course to improve their skills.

•    I’m responsible for recruitment from outside the business as well.

•    I also look after succession planning to manage people through their roles and into the next position.

•    I work very closely with the regional managers and store manager as a support to them - helping them to facilitate training within their teams.


Darren's Story

Darren’s background is in the Retail division. He has held three Regional Manager positions, was Operations Manager for the Credit and Risk team, and began his career progress at BrightHouse - as so many do - first as a Deputy Manager, then as a Store Manager in the North of England. Prior to that, he was a store manager with a TV rentals and white goods retailer, 13 years ago…

“I was made redundant from my previous company and an ex-colleague called me up and asked if I’d like to have an interview with the area manager at BrightHouse. I did and started a week later.

I didn’t understand what the business was until I got into role – I didn’t understand the customer base or the proposition. It was different from what I’d seen before, where it was all a bit on the hoof.

At BrightHouse it’s different, the process is all there. You have a proper induction programme - no one tries to trip you up. We’re the most closely guarded secret in retail! Everyone helps you. It’s a great work ethos and culture - every day is different – it keeps you on your toes.

If you have the desire and capability, you can move into all sorts of roles. I’m very proud of where I work - when I joined the business in 2001, it could have been described as just a teenager. Now it’s become an adult, having matured and gained presence on the high street, as well as market share.