Darren - Head of Credit Systems & Policy

Darren's Story

Over a 16 year career, Darren has moved from lowly office junior in one of the forerunners of BrightHouse to our Head of Credit Systems & Policy. He can hardly believe he’s achieved what he has so far, but firmly believes you learn everything you need to know on the job – and his journey isn’t over yet…

“I was at college and working to pay my way. I had a cleaning job, worked as a head barman at a pub, then heard about a job in the offices of the Thorn Group through a friend. It was the lowest of the low, not very well paid, but I just wanted a start. I got the job in the finance/asset/stock control team. Since the creation of BrightHouse, I’ve worked my way around the business, moving up the managerial ladder. If you work hard here, you’ll be rewarded.

I’ve done things here - like helping to build a Point of Sale (POS) system, called IRIS, where I focused on the interfaces with the stock system. I was also an original member of the Credit & Risk team who built the credit scoring systems with external partners. In a project like that, the business could have employed an external consultant to have the system built, but they asked the newly formed team to do it. I never imagined my hard work would get me where I am now. In other walks of life, without the qualifications, I’d never have done this, never been the go-to man on projects I’ve worked on. I love working here!”