Colin - Head of eCommerce

Colin's Story

Colin was in insurance for 19 years before being headhunted by BrightHouse. At first, having formed preconceptions from negative press, he said no. A partner at the headhunter convinced him to look harder at the company and its proposition. He visited Bromley and found a very calm store selling very high quality goods…

“I had an interview with Hamish and Leo. That was when things changed. Leo’s passion and intensity about the customers and the business - the way he interviews, direct, intense – you just know that’s his leadership style as well. I realised this was going to be a good place to work. I did a full 180 degree turn. The biggest change for me was the pace of the business versus traditional financial services organisations.

At BrightHouse, you get to the core of an issue within an hour and by the following day you have a plan that you then implement. There’s so much energy - a sense of collaboration, unified purpose. Head Office is small, so it really helps to keep the focus and the pace. I’m learning, my career is advancing, BrightHouse is advancing. Nothing has disappointed.”